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Just to reiterate: Minaverse fanfiction and fanart has the author's full support. If you'd like yours linked here, just drop me an email or a comment.

1. [info]cesario has written At Her Grace’s Behest. Part two is here.

2. [info]mutecornett has drawn Mina.

3. [info]dreamer_marie has written Resting On His Muscled Shoulder.

4. [info]narcissam has written a Mina entry for the fandom wank wiki. Thanks to [info]jabberwockypie for pointing that out, and [info]rickybuchanan for telling me how to find out who's authored a wiki entry.

5. [info]tmartian42 is keeping The List of characters roaming around outside of the stories. I approve wholeheartedly, though it is a tad disturbing to see how many innocent people (the real ones, that is) have accounts that fit in. I can only hope they're pleased by the accidental inclusion, rather than appalled, if they ever find out about it. (Sadly, I don't own or operate any of the in-character sockpuppets. I do love them, though, and applaud their creators.)

6. [info]invidereliana runs [info]mdmfans for all your icon and discussion needs. Footnotes can be found there sometimes.

7. [info]temaris, who contacted me about this a while back, has podcasts available at her livejournal:
Snailmail Affair
Charitable Impulse
Young Blood
Twee Little Maids.

8. [info]euqen has written Something Simple, Something Sleazy and I Left My Body Lying Somewhere.

9. [info]liz_darkheart has written Fear and Fascination and the Courtly Dance, which are Sanguinity fanfiction.

10. [info]gnatkip has created a sampler like the one Mina wants to make.

11. [info]thedorkygirl has written the Contender.

12. The romantic Kadorienne has written Midnight Oil.

13. [info]wminstrel has written and performed 'Sanguinity.'

14. [info]vuirneen has posted a copy of her semi-private email to me, which I’m sure you’ll all find instructive. Really, the things that go on at cons are outrageous, aren’t they? Too Many Minas Spoil the Con is a warning to us all.

15. [info]grey_bard has written A Paen to Sanguinity (a song) by RavenKelVamp. Or maybe I should say “RavenKelVamp has written...”

16. A missing scene, courtesy of [info]tmartian42.

17. [info]kyuuketsukirui has written Dream Diary, and the tone and characterization are perfect, if I do say so myself.

18. If you have a close look at Chapter Ten of [info]rose_and_lizard's wonderful Marlowfic, Term of Duty, Miranda's aunt might look familiar to you.

19. [info]jackiejlh has written an untitled Mina story (which should be read just after the first installment of 2.7, Brides of Fictionstein, if you're reading these in order). Part two is here, and part three is here.

20. The inspirational Mina poster, features [info]mutecornett's art.

21. Nocturne has written Rainy Monday.

22. [info]scifantasy's Case Study provides a fascinating look behind-the-scenes.

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